Still sagging after all these years…

Wait, before you continue reading, this is not what you think! While a tiny tuck here and there wouldn’t hurt or a slight lift and shift would undoubtedly be beneficial, I’m going to talk to you about a different type of sagging😊 One that has less to do with improving one’s appearance but focuses on helping others. 

For the past six years, I, along with my fantastic navigator Karen Pitassi and other SAGGERS, have been fortunate enough to be asked to SAG for Ride Hard Breathe Easy. First, for those who may not know, SAG stands for Support and Gear. As “SAGGERS,” our primary responsibility is to make sure that the RHBE cyclists are safe, well-fed, and hydrated so they can accomplish their mission to alleviate the suffering of lung cancer patients and their caregivers by raising awareness, supporting early detection, assisting patients, and working to end the stigma associated with lung cancer! And I am happy to say that from the start of the ride at Duke Cancer Institute in Durham, North Carolina, to the finish at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, our riders did an amazing job and raised over $40,000! 

So, why SAG after all these years? It’s simple! Lung cancer is still the number 1 cancer killer, and we want to help Ride Hard Breathe Easy change that. As SAGGERS, we are privileged to support a team of cyclists whose every pedal and every hill they climb they do to make a difference for people impacted by lung cancer! They are determined, committed, and passionate about improving the odds for people with or diagnosed with this disease! Being part of such a meaningful mission is humbling and a privilege. I know I speak for all my fellow SAGGERS when I say I can’t wait to SAG again in year 7. Oh, and about the other sagging, who knows😊 I’ll let you know after the 7th Ride Hard Breathe Easy Classic!

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