The number six keeps coming up!

Six years ago, I began fulfilling my promise to Mom that “I would do something” about lung cancer. She was very sick at the time and would pass away a week later.  I am one of Mom’s “Six Wonderful Kids (her words), and since then, I have learned so much about life, about me, and about the incredible kindness that is pervasive in this world.


1. You really can make lemonade out of lemons. 

The worst words I have heard in my life were Mom being told she had lung cancer.  I was heartbroken, then sad, then angry, and finally committed to doing something about this disease.  I have gotten to meet people like Dino, Joe, Dave, Andy, Cherie, Sean, Brendan, Isabella, Tom, Patti, TK, Lisa, Nina, and others who are on this journey with me, making a difference for lung cancer patients every day.

2. We are truly helping patients in need right now. 

Here is what two lung cancer patients have said that inspire us at Ride Hard Breathe Easy every day. “You all saved my life by providing me with a way to the hospital”, and “Being able to get rides to treatment was a blessing. I wouldn’t have been able to finish treatment without this help”.

3. Lung cancer still really needs financial support. 

Yes, there have been breakthroughs in treatments for this disease.  And it is STILL the leading cancer killer in the world, in the United States, and in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and each state in this country.

4. We have partnered with six organizations.

Fox Chase Cancer Center, Temple Lung Center, Duke Cancer Institute, Einstein Medical Center, Lung Health Services, and Crozer Health. They learn who can use help and ensure what we raise goes to the people most in need.

5. Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer. 

I have met too many people who have never smoked who have gotten lung cancer, and the statistic of 20% of women in the US diagnosed with lung cancer have never smoked is one that baffles everyone.

So how can you help? Well, it’s very easy.  If you like to ride outdoors, join us in the Philadelphia area on Saturday, September 10th on the Schuylkill River Trail.  Prefer to ride virtually?  Join us on Saturday, August 27th on Peloton or Zwift.  You can find more about each ride at www.RHBE.org

And of course, we welcome donations.  Click HERE to donate, and who knows, your kindness and generosity just may be creating the next quote from a lung cancer patient!

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