What A Great Time Riding with RHBE!

I. The 6th Annual RHBE Classic Ride Course

Our 6th annual ride began on September 2nd at the Duke Cancer Center in Durham, NC. We rode North through the cities of Petersburg, Richmond, Washington DC, Annapolis, Baltimore and Wilmington, DE. We biked over 600 miles and arrived September 9th at the Fox Chase Cancer Center. On September 10, our RHBE Celebration ride was held on the Schuylkill trail. The 2022 Classic Ride was tons of fun and a huge success.

II. Why We Ride

Our ride is an important fundraiser for RHBE (please donate at RHBE.org/donate). The funds that are raised provide much needed support for lung cancer patients and their families. It is truly a privilege to be able to Ride Hard for such deserving individuals. Additionally, each day along the Ride, John and RHBE post a tribute to people who have been impacted by lung cancer and battled courageously. We’re all in this together.

III. The Ride Participants

On day one, we had 14 riders leaving the Duke Cancer Center. Seven of the riders did a 26 mile loop and returned to Duke. Seven others biked North. Tom rode for the first day. Isabella and David rode for 4 days into Old Town, Alexandria. John, Andy, Bart and Dave rode for 8 days into Philadelphia. For the final Celebration Ride, over 40 riders joined us for an enjoyable trip.

Our World Class Saggers who provided outstanding support for the riders along the way were Beth, Karen, Paul, Jean, and Kevin. Their assistance was phenomenal. What a team!

IV. The Ride

Our ride started out with a short ceremony outside of the Duke Cancer Center. John and Dr. Betty Tong were the speakers. There was plenty of positive energy and vocal support at the start of the ride.

Along the ride we rode through beautiful countryside, small town squares and large cities with amazing waterfronts and lots of traffic.

We finished at the Fox Chase Cancer Center and were welcomed by a large, enthusiastic crowd. It was a perfect ending to a spectacular journey. On the next day’s Celebration ride, approximately 40 riders gathered for the rides along the Schuylkill trail followed by food and drinks at the nearby brewery.

The 2022 Classic Ride was an awesome event. It was a total blast and raised funds that will make a positive difference in the lives of many people. Thanks to everyone who made it so special and successful.

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