Still sagging after all these years…

Wait, before you continue reading, this is not what you think! While a tiny tuck here and there wouldn’t hurt or a slight lift and shift would undoubtedly be beneficial, I’m going to talk to you about a different type of sagging😊 One that has less to do with improving one’s appearance but focuses on […]

What A Great Time Riding with RHBE!

I. The 6th Annual RHBE Classic Ride Course Our 6th annual ride began on September 2nd at the Duke Cancer Center in Durham, NC. We rode North through the cities of Petersburg, Richmond, Washington DC, Annapolis, Baltimore and Wilmington, DE. We biked over 600 miles and arrived September 9th at the Fox Chase Cancer Center. […]

Why Would I Fly Across the Country to Be Part of RHBE.

It is an interesting question that I had to think about a little to give you an answer that would make sense and a little more entertaining than, “It’s a gut feeling I’m doing the right thing”. I’m what you call an enthusiastic cyclist. I’m a little more than a weekend warrior but not a […]

The number six keeps coming up!

Six years ago, I began fulfilling my promise to Mom that “I would do something” about lung cancer. She was very sick at the time and would pass away a week later.  I am one of Mom’s “Six Wonderful Kids (her words), and since then, I have learned so much about life, about me, and about […]

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